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BBQ duck, roasted pork: Whitehorse’s newest Chinese restaurant opens up

Pierre Chauvin Friday January 13, 2017

Joel Krahn/Yukon News


Alfred Au, left, and Jackie Chan show some of the special dishes offered at BBQ King.

There’s more to Chinese cuisine than chow mein and ginger beef and that’s exactly what Whitehorse’s newest Chinese restaurant wants to show Yukoners.

The BBQ King Restaurant opened quietly in late November of last year, near the Qwanlin mall.

Immediately after entering the restaurant, customers can’t miss the rows of freshly cooked ducks and the roasted pork hanging in the window display.

The meat is brought in fresh from outside, marinated in the chefs’ secret sauce for a couple of days so the meat absorbs the sauce, and then roasted and barbecued, said Alfred Au, the restaurant’s assistant manager.

There are two batches of ducks and pork cooked each day to make sure customers get the freshest offering, he said.

“When I moved over here, the Chinese food (offering) had a lot of deep fried and stir-fried food,” he said.

“We still want to keep that but we want to bring (more) authentic Asian food.”

The BBQ duck, pork, and roasted pork proved popular down south, Au said. The thinly sliced roasted pork offers a unique combination of textures, between the crispy and fatty skin and the tender meat.

Historically the dishes have been popular in southern China.

Owner Li Tang Chen wanted to open her own restaurant but didn’t have the time or the crew. She has been working in the industry for the past 10 years and splits her time between Vancouver and Whitehorse, Au said.

Joel Krahn/Yukon News


Chan adds sauce to a dish before serving it.

When the Asian Central Store, a Filipino grocery store doubling as a restaurant, shut down, Chen seized the opportunity.

She transformed the space into one big restaurant, seating about 60 people, splitting it between a dining room and two food counters.

Across from the meat counter is the dessert counter with bubble tea, crepes and bubble egg waffles, freshly made.

For the bubble tea, customers can choose between the tapioca-based pearls or coconut jelly along with various tea flavours.

And nothing complements bubble tea better than bubble egg waffles.

Hugely popular in Hong Kong, the small egg-shaped waffles are both crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. You’ll likely eat half a dozen before you realized what you’ve just done.

With the Chinese New Year coming up on Jan. 28, the restaurant’s chefs created a special New Year menu that will run from Jan. 23 to Feb. 11.

“We usually celebrate it before and after,” Au said.

He promises some “special” dishes.

“In that menu you won’t be able to see any sweet and sour chicken, or any deep fried ginger beef,” he said.

Some of the dishes, he points out, are multi-course meals that don’t feature any fried rice.

This year is the year of the rooster, according to the Chinese Zodiac. So naturally the restaurant is featuring a lot of chicken-based dishes.

Au is especially proud of the Peking Duck dish the restaurant serves, which is both on the Chinese New Year menu and the regular menu.

The three-course meal features a duck in its various forms. The first dish is made from the cooked skin, the second from the meat stir-fried with noodles and wrapped in lettuce, and the third is a soup made from the bones.

“None of the other restaurants are doing it,” Au said. “People have been trying it and really enjoyed it.”

He emphasizes the restaurant orders raw ingredients and cooks everything on site.

“We want things authentic, tasty, fresh,” Au said.

The restaurant also has an alcohol licence and a couple of TV screens, two prerequisites for any sports fan to follow hockey games.

Au said they’re always welcoming customers’ feedback to improve the food on offer.

To find out more about the BBQ King Restaurant and see its menu, visit its Facebook page: @BBQKingYukon.

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really? wrote:
3:06pm Sunday January 29, 2017

After reading this email, I had visions of high-quality, non-chickenball crap chinese food of the quality I find in Toronto’s Chinatown - yippee, finally some actual chinese menus!  Ugh, wait a sec. Same menu as all the rest, and the food is just not very tasty re: spicy ... you’re best to make your own at home, to be honest, and at a fraction of the price.  Avoid.

Yukon gold wrote:
11:21am Tuesday January 24, 2017

I have been to the restaurant once and ordered the Peking duck dishes, disappointed very much. The meat of the duck is very very soft and I am very sure is over cooked or stayed in oven too long with the wrong temperature. The rest of the menu is the same as the other Chinese restaurants. All other Chinese restaurants serve BBQ duck and BBQ pork as well, the only difference is they are hanging them out instead of having them in the kitchen. Nothing special and won’t go back again. This article is misleading people and it is not reflecting the real side of the restaurant. I hope the new owners can be success in your new venture but if you keep everything in this quality the restaurant will lead to failure eventually.

Local people (x4) wrote:
3:56pm Monday January 23, 2017

We love Chinese food and there used to be Chinese restaurant on the same spot before the Filipino one. We came to try it and there is no remodeling, it looks almost same as the Chinese place before.
There was a ONE duck to see and few pieces of pork in glass cage. We love ducks but this one looked like an old dried out grandfather duck, so we skipped that. Pork did not look as appetizing at that picture above either.
We have ordered from the menu and what we had was regular standard Chinese food, nothing different.
We have left dissapointed , will not be back.  Also, we came in at 1 o’clock to get a seats, 4 of us, but there was only one couple beside us. Empty restaurant does not look much inviting. Sorry. The old Chinese buffet before used to be full at one.

drum wrote:
1:00pm Saturday January 21, 2017

I have eaten here four times and also have had take out orders.  I found the food fresh and piping hot.  I have not been disappointed by anything that I have ordered nor have my friends.  The staff are really great and very efficient.  The place has been given a great cleaning and redecorating.  I find it very welcoming and comfortable.
Good luck to the new owners.  You will be seeing many times - next time I am going to taste the duck.

Yukoner wrote:
1:03pm Thursday January 19, 2017

Have been there twice. . .same old. . .inside not remodelled as article leads you to believe. . .just another Chinese food restaurant. . .good luck in your venture

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