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Area man hates carbon tax

Friday March 24, 2017

A carbon tax is morally offensive and it’s wrong, and for a simple reason.

Where once government was only allowed to tax its citizens in order to fund operation. This time the tax is not justified by need. Where the underlying premise has always been that the government would only take the minimum amount needed to fund services, with this move Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stepped across a moral barrier.

This time the Liberal government is openly taking a significant amount of our money with the stated intention to “manipulate our behavior.” They have decided that I am no longer to be trusted to make sound moral decisions. The arrogance is astounding.

And, with this move any incentive within government to be efficient or frugal is gone. It gives them a financial bonanza and they give us a vague promise that they’ll “give it all back.”

Do you believe that? Of course not!

They are taxing to punish citizens’ behavior and with this the game of governing has changed.

J. George Balmer,



ProScience Greenie wrote:
11:09am Thursday April 6, 2017

With the carbon tax, we will have 5% more sin tax on that already over sin-taxed cold beer a person might enjoy after a hard day at work. Those at lower middle class levels and below will feel the hurt but for those above that level, it will be business as usual with both their consumption and GHG emissions. And the government gets more general revenues to play with. Surely there is a fairer and more effective way to reduce our emissions than an across the board, from diapers to wool socks, carbon sin tax.

At home in the Yukon wrote:
3:33pm Wednesday April 5, 2017

Mr Balmer, “This time the Liberal government is openly taking a significant amount of our money with the stated intention to “manipulate our behavior.””

Um, government has been doing this for a long time.  And to very good effect, I might add.  Is the beloved “sin tax”, tax on tobacco, alcohol etc., not exactly a tax whose purpose is to “manipulate our behaviour”?  It has been very effective.  A “sin tax” on carbon will also be very effective.  If well implemented, I am all for it.

nortyh_of_60 wrote:
1:30am Friday March 31, 2017

I agree, there’s no hate expressed in the letter.  The headline is morally offensive and it’s wrong.  Change it to reflect the first line of the letter.

It appears that the editor of the News didn’t like someone challenging the Liberal’s social engineering tax.  Was that the intent of the headline chosen?

Where Is The Hate? wrote:
9:12am Thursday March 30, 2017

I find the headline the Yukon News gave to this letter interesting.’ Area Man Hates Carbon Tax’. I didn’t read anything in his letter that vaguely even resembles ‘hate’, someone just wrote in to express his entirely valid point of view.  I notice in the media these days that no one is ever just disappointed, disagrees, or upset. Instead people are described as, ‘Outraged’, or they ‘Hate’ or they’re ‘Furious.’ I often wonder if these terms are just used as click bait or is the press trying to portray people in a certain light?

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