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Bison hunters beware

Wednesday March 8, 2017

On Feb. 28 I was on my way to my set up wall tent west and north of the Trans Canada Trail cabin. I arrived at 4 p.m. to realize that somebody had been there before and the tent, chimney, and stove were all gone. It had snowed the night before and the tracks were fresh and there was no snow where the tent should have been. I had seen someone on 52 Mile Lakecoming out with a blue tarp on the sleigh with something rolled in it and he avoided me.

What happened to the days when hunters were respectful and honest?

Don Lange,



BnR wrote:
2:02pm Friday March 24, 2017

Westof, no, Salar has no point.  This is not about claiming the camp as your own.  This is about people stealing others property.  Mr. Lange was not claiming anything.  He left a camp set up to return to.  It was his personal property.  He had every right in the world to set up a wall tent and to be able to return to it.  Sure, someone could have erected a tent right next to it, its not his land.  But thats not the point.

WestofBelfast wrote:
1:31pm Monday March 20, 2017

In a way Salar has a point; you cannot just set up camp anywhere you like in the bush and leave your stuff there with the understanding it is “your camp”...that is not much different than abandoning it unless it is your land or you have rights to it in some way.  That said, if it ain’t yours then keep your thieving hands off of it.  I was taught that it is OK to use a trapper’s cabin to get in from the cold if you need to, or in an emergency, but that you leave a note of thanks behind as well as a can of soup, condensed milk, or some other provision as a token of your appreciation and to leave it as you found it.

terry wrote:
7:12am Monday March 20, 2017

Dan, sorry for your loss and thanks for the heads up. I was thinking of doing the same with my wall tent. Your loss is disgusting.
Solar you are simply wrong.

bonnie wrote:
8:48am Thursday March 16, 2017

This land… the earth is for us all to share.
Stealing, is wrong.

BnR wrote:
3:02pm Wednesday March 15, 2017

Salar, what do you mean “you have no right”?  Leaving a wall tent up is very different than erecting a permanent dwelling.  The owner of the trapline concession can get leases for permanent dwellings, same with whoever has the outfitting concession (if there is one).  Leaving up a wall tent is just fine as long as it is not turned into a dwelling or a squat.  The tent and its occupants are private property.  You are saying that if I parked my truck in a gravel pit, or on the side of the road, I have no right to do that and its OK if it gets stolen.
Not much of a Yukoner are ya?

ProScience Greenie wrote:
12:25pm Wednesday March 15, 2017

Sorry but I think you are wrong Salar. There is or at least should still be, a bush code for all Yukoners that you can use but not abuse and certainly not steal, gear left out in the bush. It has nothing to do with the politics of the day or anything else. It is about respect, sharing, kindness, good manners and sometimes even survival.

I will be keeping eyes and ears open Don Lange for any word on your gear.

Alan wrote:
9:16am Wednesday March 15, 2017

Salar, you are trying very hard to justify theft and the illegal actions of a thief. There is no justification for this theft. If it was on FN land notify the band and they will deal with it. If it’s Crown Land notify Fish and Wildlfe. Otherwise you become a thief and are subject to arrest under the Canadian Criminal Code.

Salar wrote:
6:52pm Tuesday March 14, 2017

Are you leaving gear out in the bush? Unless you are the trapper you have no right to do that…..and while folks stealing stuff is not cool, your arrogance in claiming campsites is not as well.
Oh and you may have been on First Nation land…...that’s not your land to claim either…..didn’t you know

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