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Northern Cross suit smacks of desperation

Wednesday April 19, 2017

The last move of Northern Cross Yukon looked like a late and illogical reaction to the Yukon government’s promise of a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing for the Yukon.

Here are two quotes from Northern Cross’s final project proposal, submitted to YESAB in October 2014:

Page 2: “Please note, hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) is not a proposed activity and as such, is not within the scope of this assessment.”

Page 20: “NCY does not intend to perform any fractured stimulations at Eagle Plains because it is pursuing conventional oil and gas reservoirs that are able to flow without the need for the extreme hydraulic fracturing stimulations.”

If NCY does not want to use the technique of hydraulic fracturing why do they want to sue YG for implementing a moratorium?

Angela Sabo,


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This smacks wrote:
11:46am Saturday April 29, 2017

of weak politics by the existing government, which will not last by their owe hand.

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