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Open letter to Larry Bagnell on electoral reform

Wednesday February 8, 2017

I am outraged that your Liberal government has chosen the cynical route and abandoned its throne speech promise that 2015 would be the last election using First Past the Post. The Liberal promise of real change rings hollow now that it has started to emulate the Harper government in its desire for the unfettered power of a false majority.

My heart breaks for Elizabeth May because, as she described, she asked many parliamentarians about whether they were sincere about seeing electoral fairness realized. She believed them and now their party has made them liars.

Nathan Cullen describes well what happened in both the federal 2015 and the territorial 2016 elections. The Liberals went door to door asking people to vote strategically to get rid of Harper, and then Pasloski. Both Liberal campaigns succeeded, but at what cost to our democracy? When the election is won by making empty promises and playing a numbers game as opposed to actually debating issues and ideas, we all lose.

Electoral reform was actually an easy test for this Liberal government to show its sincerity and respect for Canadians. How will the Liberals address more divisive policy challenges such as climate change when you so casually kill the hope for a fair democratic electoral system?

It is so disappointing that in these troubling times that our federal government has chosen a divisive and cynical approach to this very necessary change.

We all win when all Canadians are represented in Parliament with a fair vote. Better policies are developed, more amazing voices from our rich cultural mosaic are heard and we all get invested in a positive future when we take part and feel included.

I urge you to discuss this important issue with other parliamentarians and force the prime minister to follow through with his promise that 2015 was the last unfair federal election.

Sally Wright,

Kluane Lake


ProScience Greenie wrote:
12:16pm Thursday February 16, 2017

FPTP days are numbered but what to replace it with? It’s a big deal and best not to replace it overnight just to satisfy the squeaky wheel gets the grease crowd. What option is best for Canada?  How educated is the public on picking the right option? How do we implement it? Till then FPTP works and there is nothing stopping anyone from getting involved in a political party where they can shape policy and pick candidates very much like Sally Wright above did. You have a democratic process within the party and within the riding at election time and then one candidate wins and the others do not. Not perfect but it will work for a bit longer.

As far as Ms. May goes, maybe it’s time for the Greens to find a new leader and deal with the fringe elements in the party that is turning off voters. Then they might get a few more seats in Ottawa. Same with the NDP both federal and local.

The type of voter reform wrote:
2:40pm Wednesday February 15, 2017

that the Federal Government were discussing will not work in Canada. All this ill do is create a weak government like other places in the world has do.
Trudeau spoke without wanting to see the results and understanding the issue.
Looks at other countries that looked like England no thanks
Ontario no thanks.
Present system works the best for the interest of Canada over all.
Ms Wright you have made statements like this one that does not add up at all for the interest of Canadians or Yukoners best interest.
Group for the best Interest of Yukon
Wilf Carter

What the......? wrote:
10:34am Wednesday February 15, 2017

@Kenn - why would you post that? Demeaning someone because they are concerned for our democracy and a broken government promise?  Whether you think it’s important or not you need to show a little respect. I hope you’re ashamed.

Kenn wrote:
9:05pm Tuesday February 14, 2017

Isn’t there larger issues to focus on? I can think of many… but I guess its your option to focus on such…. IF this is all you have to worry about, I guess you are doing very well and others in your bubble as well….

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