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Parking snitch isn’t very neighbourly

Wednesday December 7, 2016

Yes, life in the Yukon has been a good experience in the 50 or so years I have been here, but lately I am not so sure.

I live on Mallard Way and made the mistake of parking my truck on the street (public domain) for a few days. I did not realize the 72-hour by-law that prevents me from doing so. I was quickly informed by the By-Law office of my mistake and was informed that an anonymous complaint was filed.

I take full responsibility for my infraction. I did not realize that I was taking another person’s parking space, even though it is public space and anyone can use it for 72 hours. I assumed it was for all to share.

This complainant perhaps assumes that it is their space, as they pay taxes and they are entitled. Some people think they can use the law (or not) to intimidate others. That is the part that bothered me the most, using intimidation and bullying to get what you want. To get your entitlement.

What happened to getting along? You cannot call yourself a Yukoner.

Joseph Volf



Your Bussiness? wrote:
11:52am Monday December 19, 2016

I too live next to a snitch. My Neighbor is a non-Yukoner that has transplanted himself here and is now the king of the Yukon, keeper of the street and the boss of the bylaws. As per the prior comments, yes there are laws. I think the issue is that being a human, we are not perfect. I make mistakes. I guess if just amazes me that my neighbor can call bylaw but can’t walk next door and have an adult conversation. He can sneak across another neighbor’s yard to eavesdrop as bi-law is giving you another warning, because even they know he’s a few screws loose. 
Our neighbor has complained about everything and about everyone on our street. He has called bi-law on neighbors that are using their four wheelers to clear the driveways of the elderly, because no good deed should go unpunished! Make no mistake about it; he is on a power trip. I have lived here my whole life, and I am not quite used to this behavior. Let’s not lose our humanness. It takes a bigger person to have a conversation with their neighbor. As far as my neighbor, no one likes him. We all think he is nuts. I believe in MINDING MY OWN BUSSINESS! Merry Christmas to the GOOD NEIGHBORS!  We do exist… Like Santa.

Hi Joe! wrote:
10:24pm Thursday December 15, 2016

You have to take a look at the terrible planning of Ingram, but also take a look at what you’re doing. Ingram is higher-density and many people who park on the street don’t respect the design of the streets (specific parking areas on the street as opposed to a hard curb anywhere) let alone basic laws. Have you noticed how many people simply park facing the wrong direction, blocking a lane of traffic (in the narrow spots) on these streets? Mallard is also a bus route and gets a little more road maintenance than other streets… Accept responsibility, don’t be silly and follow the rules!

No sympathy wrote:
6:44pm Tuesday December 13, 2016

The by-laws are readily available on the City’s web page.  It helps to check them once in a while if you’re not reading the City news.

Oh grow up wrote:
5:13pm Tuesday December 13, 2016

Sadly, bylaw is complaint driven. There are good reasons for the 72 hour parking rule and if nobody complained then there would be no enforcement. Buy a dictionary. Look up bullying and intimidation. You were not bullied or intimidated, you were asked to respect the bylaws that we are all expected to respect

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