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This steamboat also sank in Lake Laberge, like the A.J. Goddard

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The recent discovery of the wreck of the A.J. Goddard in Lake Laberge will probably renew interest in searching for steamers like the Thistle and the Vidette, which also sank beneath the lake’s surface.

The Thistle was originally owned by Klondyke Corp., acquired by White Pass in 1903 and sold to Taylor and Drury in 1919. It foundered in Lake Laberge in 1929.

The late Charlie Taylor told me about that day in 1929 when he received word of the sinking. When the Thistle sank, all he was concerned about was the crew, and he was very happy everyone was OK, he said. He wasn’t worried about the loss of the steamer, which his company owned. The photograph shown of the Thistle is from the Jim Robb Collection. The photographer is unknown. It is possibly a Mickey McCarthy photo.

I believe many historians and history buffs know about the steamboat wrecks in Lake Laberge.

It’s been noted in publications and on the web, etc. It’s no secret.

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