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Yukon tourism slogan is boring

Friday March 3, 2017

I noticed in a recent Wyatt cartoon, the slogan “Land of the Midnight Sun.” How nostalgic. There are numerous catchy slogans around: Air North with “North of Ordinary,” the province of B.C. with “Super Natural” and so on.

So how did we get stuck with the worn-out phrase “Larger Than Life”? I believe we paid Outside consultants good money for this some years ago now. I see the city of Vancouver has issues with their new logo, which looks like someone chose a few capital letters on their home computer. It’s time we had a change for the better.

Ron Campbell,



Dave wrote:
6:54am Sunday March 12, 2017

I prefer the oldie “LAND OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN”

BB wrote:
9:37pm Friday March 10, 2017

North of Normal.

I loved The Magic and the Mystery.

Greg Karais wrote:
7:31pm Thursday March 9, 2017

Ron, a couple of things here. Our business, North of Ordinary Media (formerly Harper Street Publishing) owns and operates the Yukon, North of Ordinary magazine, and we own the TM to it.  We’re lucky enough to be able to partner with Air North and that’s been integral to its success since we first started working together 10 years ago.

We have also tecently trademarked “the Magic and the Mystery”, which was used used years ago by Yukon Tourism, it’s still a favourite of mine.

Total agree wrote:
4:27pm Thursday March 9, 2017

Tourist and local business laugh at, our Greater than Life. It was done, by a firm from Ontario, at a cost of $275,000 and several people, in tourism choice it, not Yukoners.

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