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2012 in Pictures

Thursday December 20, 2012


Images published in the Yukon News throughout the year.

REVIEW001 (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
1 The sun rises over the Yukon River in Whitehorse in January. (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
REVIEW002 (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
2 The driver of this vehicle lost control on an icy Robert Service Way in Whitehorse and flipped into the median on January 24. He was unhurt. (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
REVIEW003 (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
3 Ram Charan, top, enjoys the view 23 metres up on the Whitehorse Fire Department's ladder truck during testing for potential volunteer firefighters on January 22. (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
REVIEW004 (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
4 Flowers are placed outside the Porter Creek home of five people found dead at the end of January. Firefighters on the scene measured extremely high levels of carbon monoxide in the house. (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
REVIEW005 (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
5 An Air North 737 jet is guided into position by ground crew at the Whitehorse International Airport on February 16. (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
REVIEW006 (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
6 This unoccupied house at 305 Alexander Street burned to the ground on March 21. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
REVIEW007 (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
7 Some concerned citizens opted to wear bags at a public consultation on oil and gas development for the Whitehorse Basin on March 22. (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
REVIEW008 (Justin Kennedy/Yukon News)
8 Torch bearers form a circle during the Burning Away the Winter Blues celebration in Whitehorse on March 24. (Justin Kennedy/Yukon News)
REVIEW009 (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
9 A construction worker on the roof of a new commercial building being built beside Boston Pizza on Whitehorse's waterfront on April 4. (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
REVIEW010 (Robert Postma/Yukon News)
10 The northern lights illuminate the mountains along the Dempster Highway near Tombstone Territorial Park. (Robert Postma/Yukon News)
REVIEW011 (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
11 A fox carries a dead squirrel for its next meal by the Yukon Arts Centre on April 24. (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
REVIEW012 (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
12 Midway Canuck Amusement's rides entertained Whitehorse at Takhini Arena on May 12. (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
REVIEW013 (Lance Goodwin/Yukon News)
13 A section of the Alaska Highway at kilometre 1639 south of Sheep Mountain was washed out due to heavy rain on June 8. (Lance Goodwin/Yukon News)
REVIEW028 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
14 A section of the Alaska Highway in the Rancheria area turned into a river during mudslides on June 8. (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
REVIEW029 (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
15 Shoppers wander through a nearly empty produce department at the Real Canadian Superstore in Whitehorse on June 10. Washouts on the Alaska Highway prevented transport trucks from getting to Whitehorse. (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
REVIEW014 (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
16 A poodle stands at attention during judging at a dog show in Whitehorse on June 8. (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
REVIEW015 (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
17 An air tanker flies south through clouds above Whitehorse on June 19. (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
REVIEW016 (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
18 Jan Zumer-Brewis holds onto his sunglasses while watching the Snowbirds fly in formation during the RCAF Air Show on July 25. (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
REVIEW017 (Rick Massie/Yukon News)
19 A lynx hangs out near the side of the North Klondike Highway, near Dawson City in August. (Rick Massie/Yukon News)
REVIEW018 (Justin Kennedy/Yukon News)
20 Ely Boivin, left, Katelyn McConnell and a fellow zombie try to satiate their appetite during Sunday's Zombie Walk on August 27. (Justin Kennedy/Yukon News)
REVIEW019 (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
21 Gallery-goers are framed by Louise Hardy's work from her show Pilgrammage: Lust of Grief, a collection of textile works exploring her healing journey at the Yukon Arts Centre Gallery on September 6. (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
REVIEW020 (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
22 Balloons are released to remember missing and murdered aboriginal women during the Sisters In Spirit vigil at the Yukon government building on October 4. (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
REVIEW021 (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
23 A firefighter steps back from a flareup at the scene of a garage fire in Hidden Valley on October 12. (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
REVIEW022 (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
24 Carvers and volunteers use muscle power on November 3 to raise an 11-metre totem pole that was carved by the Northern Cultural Expressions Society to help residential school survivors on their healing journey. (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
REVIEW023 (Nicolas Dory/Yukon News)
25 A bald eagle comes in for a landing at the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve in Haines, Alaska, on November 12. (Nicolas Dory/Yukon News)
REVIEW024 (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
26 Students at F.H. Collins Secondary School get into the spirit during the Sea of Pink day, a campaign to stand in solidarity against bullying on November 23. (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
REVIEW025 (Ian Spencer/Yukon News)
27 David, left, and Keir MacKinnon hang a remembrance card during the Lights of Life ceremony at the Elijah Smith Building on December 13. (Ian Spencer/Yukon News)
REVIEW026 (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
28 Suzanne Guimond protests the Yukon Party government's Peel plan on Second Avenue in front of the Yukon Legislature with several others on December 13. (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
REVIEW027 (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
29 Torsten Nordlund, top, and Dylan Cozens bag the food Whitehorse Elementary's Grades 4/5 and 6/7 classes collected for the Whitehorse Food Bank. The students filled 21 shopping carts with 2,000 items of food on December 19. (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)

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