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Thursday December 20, 2012


Yukon athletes in action during 2012.

REVIEWSPORTS001 (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
1 Mason Gray of the Vanier Crusaders, left, goes for an off-balanced shot against the Thunder Mountain Falcons of Juneau at a tournament in Skagway on January 7. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS002 (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
2 Bella, right, and Kikuyu complain about their musher taking too long to hook up the team during a race at the Takhini Hot Springs on March 18. (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS028 (Justin Kennedy/Yukon News)
3 Yukon's Juhyun Seo competes in the Arctic Winter Games head pull competition in Whitehorse on March 6. (Justin Kennedy/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS029 (Justin Kennedy/Yukon News)
4 Nathaniel Stitt of Willow, Alaska, competes in the 10-kilometre race at the Arctic Winter Games in Whitehorse. (Justin Kennedy/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS003 (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
5 Kalsey McKinney shows off his half-pipe skills in the Yukon Snowboard Championships at Mt. Sima on March 24. (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS004 (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
6 Whitehorse Glacier Bear Sarah Traverse competes in the final of the 100-metre butterfly at the Yukon Invitational Swim Meet on April 28. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS005 (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
7 Shiroumakai Judo Club's Kaylee Johnson, bottom, works to avoid getting pinned by Anchorage's Abagail Harvey on May 5. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS006 (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
8 Whitehorse's Mehrnoush Mahdavi prepares to slam a forehand at the Table Tennis Championships on May 12. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS007 (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
9 Caleb McPherson, 12, tries to keep up with the competition during the Yukon High School Road Race Championships on May 24. (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS008 (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
10 Whitehorse's Kendra Peters performs her beam routine during the Yukon Gymnastics Championships on June 9. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS009 (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
11 Junior national team member Trevor Bray takes off in the middle-distance race during the Yukon Orienteering Championships at Lewes Lake on June 10. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS010 (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
12 Whitehorse's Dan King encourages his ball to find the hole during the BCGA qualifier event at Mountain View Golf Club on June 9. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS011 (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
13 The ball is out of reach for YKAK's short stop Taylor Doonan during the Dustball International Tournament on June 17. (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS013 (Justin Kennedy/Yukon News)
14 The Outward Bound team battles through the Five Finger Rapids in the Yukon River Quest on June 28. (Justin Kennedy/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS014 (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
15 Cory Bruneau, left, and his teammate, Tom Wyers, finish the Yukon Adventure Challenge on the Equinox Rox zipline at Takhini Hot Springs on July 14. (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS015 (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
16 Team Canada's Carey-Leigh Thomas slides out at second base while New Zealand's Elizabeth Cooper attempts to turn the double-play in the Women's World Fastpitch Championships on July 17. (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS016 (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
17 Jarrid Davy rides down a steep section of the course in the Gravity Cup Downhill Mountain Bike Race at Mount Sima on July 15. (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS017 (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
18 Japan's Maki Furuta is tossed into the air after her team's 2-1 victory over the United States during the gold-medal game at the Women's World Fastpitch Championship on July 22. (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS018 (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
19 Nansen Murray, left, and Cody Renne sprint to the finish line during the Midnight Dome Race in Dawson City on July 21. (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS019 (Rob Jones/CanadianCyclist.com)
20 Watson Lake's Zach Bell, front, competes in the scratch race of the men's omnium track event at the London Olympic Games on August 5. (Rob Jones/CanadianCyclist.com)
REVIEWSPORTS020 (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
21 Dale Panchyshyn during the Copper Haul Hare Scramble on August 12. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS021 (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
22 Kevin Daffe competes in the Yukon Canoe and Kayak Club's Whitewater Rodeo on August 22. (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS022 (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
23 Zane Daniels watches motorbike action from an ATV at the Copper Haul Hare Scramble No. 2 on September 23. (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS023 (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
24 Whitehorse's Lauren Whyte runs through a tunnel during the Yukon Cross Country Championships on September 23. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS024 (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
25 Michael Miller of Toronto makes his way across the Monkido course at Mt. Sima on Friday during the City Chase Whitehorse event on September 28. (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS025 (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
26 Chris Sawyer of the Spectrum Security Bears keeps his shutout alive during his team's 3-0 victory over Roadhouse at the Bob Park Ice Breaker Broomball Tournament on November 18. (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS026 (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
27 Jordin Tootoo of the Detroit Red Wings at the end of a shift during the First Assist Charity Hockey Fundraiser Classic in Whitehorse on November 21. (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
REVIEWSPORTS027 (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
28 Vanier Catholic Secondary players celebrate their victory over F.H. Collins Secondary in the seniors boys final at the Pepsi Yukon Volleyball Championships November 24. (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)

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