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2016 in focus: the year in pictures

Friday December 30, 2016


Hundreds of photos filled the pages of the Yukon News in print and online in 2016. To mark the end of the year we have pulled together some of our favourites.

01.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
1 A traditional drum dance is performed at Chinese New Year celebrations held at the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre Feb. 6. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
02.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
2 Caped heroes fly along at the Marsh Lake Loppet Feb. 13. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
03.jpg (Myles Dolphin/Yukon News)
3 Men's Mad Trapper winner Brent Eby hurls his way to second place in the Log Toss on Saturday at Shipyards Park during Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous festivities February 27. (Myles Dolphin/Yukon News)
04.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
4 Clare Leahey looks up at her mother, Juno-award-winning musician Natalie MacMaster, during the annual Rendezvous fiddle show February 25. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
05.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
5 The mammoth effigy created by Linda Leon is paraded around the parking lot of the S.S. Klondike the Burning Away the Winter Blues celebration March 19. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
06.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
6 Andrew Cremata, dressed as Star Wars villain Kylo Ren, wields double lightsabers during the Buckwheat Ski Classic at Log Cabin Mountain April 4. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
07.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
7 A slush cup competitor skims over the pool during Simapalooza activities April 10. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
08.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
8 Firefighters reattach the leg of Rescue Randy after it fell off during training in Whitehorse April 18 for an upcoming FireFit competition. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
09.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
9 Aidan Allen keeps his eye on the ball during a sunset softball session May 2. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
10.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
10 Esa Suominen livens up after playing the corpse during a simulated crash put on by the Prevent Alcohol and Risk Related Trauma in Youth Program May 4. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
11.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
11 Dancers wait backstage for their scene during the dress rehearsal for the Northern Lights School of Dance year-end recital at the Yukon Arts Centre May 12. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
12.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
12 Kyran Allen is hoisted into the air during the Sport Yukon segment of the annual F.H. Collins fashion show May 16 put on by the class of 2016. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
13.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
13 A Dakhka Khwaan dancer plays the part of Raven during National Aboriginal day celebrations at the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre June 21. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
14.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
14 The Yukon Do It voyageur team paddles across Lake Laberge on the first day of the Yukon River Quest June 29. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
15.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
15 Competitors get ready for the next event at the Yukon Horse and Rider Association annual show held July 9. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
16.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
16 Fraser Lang pilots his truck Skeletor through the muck at the Whitehorse Mud Bogs July 16. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
17.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
17 TNT's crew cheers as it's announced driver Christina Fleshman has won second place in her class at the Whitehorse Mud Bogs July 16. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
20.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
18 Angus Clarke goes for a dip on the corner of Lewes Boulevard and Alsek Road in Riverdale July 12 after torrential rains flooded the intersection. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
21.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
19 Canoeists raise thier paddles at the start of a voyage along the Yukon River in Whitehorse July 20. Nine paddlers plus support crew are travelled up the river in a traditional dugout canoe to the Moosehide gathering outside of Dawson City. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
22.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
20 Pierre Kwenders brings his Congolese rumba and electro-hop hop mix to the main stage of the Dawson City Music Festival July 23. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
23.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
21 Yukoners smile and snap pictures of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during the Royal visit in September. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
24.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
22 Council of Yukon First Nations Grand Chief Peter Johnston gets excited for the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge September 27. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
25.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
23 The Ahmets, a family of Syrian refugees, and translator Tareef Jaamour, left, react to welcome signs after landing in Whitehorse Sept. 22. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
26.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
24 Whitehorse firefighters hose down the remains of Harvey's Hut after it was destroyed by fire September 29. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
27.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
25 Yukon Premier Darrell Pasloski makes the election announcement from the Copper Ridge Bigway grocery store October 7. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
28.jpg (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
26 Yukon Liberal Party president Devon Bailey and candidate Jeanie Dendys celebrate her win in the Mountainview riding over premier Darrell Pasloski in the 2016 territorial election. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
29.jpg (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
27 A family of swans feeds in the Quartz Road Wetlands in Whitehorse Oct. 20. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
30.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
28 Early morning sun breaks over Nares Lake in Carcross October 10. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
31.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
29 The sun peeks through the ice fog over the Yukon River in downtown Whitehorse December 12. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)


AMAZING!!! wrote:
9:50am Tuesday January 3, 2017

What a year it has been Joel, you truly have captured it all with it’s finest.  I too think you should start a Yukon News Calendar.  You are an inspiration to all of us camera guys.  Hope you had a GREAT holiday and look forward to your work in 2017!

Dorothy giesbrecht wrote:
9:34pm Saturday December 31, 2016

Beautiful pictures, Joel. I’m proud to say (in the words of Elf) “I know him, I know him”. Looking forward to another great year in pictures.

Wendy Peterson wrote:
7:39am Saturday December 31, 2016

Loved our winter visit to Whitehorse in 2016. Joel, I see the potential for a Yukon calendar in these photos.  You capture the spirit, colour, and astounding spirit of Whitehorse.

Larry Wiebe wrote:
6:03am Saturday December 31, 2016

Amazing photos through the year Joel.  Good to see you at Christmas.  Also good to see you’re back at work, haha.  Looking forward with eager anticipation at what you will dazzle us with in ‘17!  Happy New Year!!!

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