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Alaska Highway Disaster

Monday June 11, 2012


Severe washouts have destroyed sections of the Alaska Highway between Teslin and Watson Lake, Yukon, forcing the closure of that section of the road. Crews are repairing the road so stranded transport trucks and other vehicles can begin moving again.

SSbradley005 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
1 Washouts destroyed sections of the Alaska Highway at Canyon Creek in the Rancheria area, between Watson Lake and Teslin, Yukon, on June 8. (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
SSbradley012 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
2 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
SSbradley001 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
3 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
SSbradley002 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
4 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
SSbradley003 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
5 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
SSbradley004 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
6 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
SSbradley006 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
7 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
SSbradley007 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
8 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
SSbradley008 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
9 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
SSbradley009 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
10 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
SSbradley010 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
11 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
SSbradley011 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
12 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
SSbradley013 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
13 (Joseph Bradley/Yukon News)
SSminnie014 (Minnie Clark/Yukon News)
14 Heavy equipment is used to repair the damage. (Minnie Clark/Yukon News)
SSminnie015 (Minnie Clark/Yukon News)
15 A road begins to take shape on a damaged section of the Alaska Highway between Teslin and Watson Lake. (Minnie Clark/Yukon News)
SSian016 (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
16 Fresh meat, dairy and produce were in short supply on Sunday at Extra Foods in Whitehorse. Loblaws, which owns Extra Foods and the Real Canadian Superstore, contracted a Hercules transport aircraft to bring supplies to Whitehorse from stranded trucks near (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
SSian017 (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
17 The Real Canadian Superstore notifies customers of the arrival of fresh foods on Sunday. (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
SSian018 (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
18 Shoppers wander through a nearly empty produce department at the Real Canadian Superstore in Whitehorse on Sunday. (Ian Stewart/Yukon News)
SSmike020 (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
19 Food is unloaded from a First Air L382G Hercules at the Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport on Sunday evening. The aircraft was contracted by Loblaws to bring supplies stranded in Watson Lake to Whitehorse. (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
SSmike021 (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)
20 Crates of supplies are loaded onto a transport truck at the airport on Sunday. (Mike Thomas/Yukon News)


Linda Mitchell wrote:
6:12pm Friday June 15, 2012

I was one of the many who were caught in Watson Lake by the storm rampage.  My personal story is that the people cared about me and did what they could to help ease my situation.  Finding a modern-day town with an old-fashioned heart is a delight.  I am blessed to have had the experience of Watson Lake.

Ashley wrote:
4:56pm Thursday June 14, 2012

I was born and raised in Whitehorse, I have never seen this before in my whole 23 years of living. It just goes to show that mother nature is showing us what will happen if we don’t start cleaning up the earth. The floods in whitehorse and the rain all over the world should be a hint to people that something is going to happen if we don’t stop what we are doing now.

ytlady wrote:
5:56pm Wednesday June 13, 2012

I so agree with you north-of-60. . .this was just a ‘bump’ in the road & a bit of an inconvenience. . .kudos to the crews. . .kudos to the truckers!!

Johns wrote:
11:26pm Tuesday June 12, 2012

That is the extent of our Disaster’s. Because we have no Pipeline’s & Oceans. But we do have River that can do this To us. I think it was just the way they out it.

smith wrote:
12:51am Tuesday June 12, 2012

we should be so thankful that no one was hurt when the road washed out

north_of_60 wrote:
9:40pm Monday June 11, 2012

Disaster? not really.  Hurricanes, tsunamis and tornadoes cause disasters.
This is just a small inconvenience to remind us of that long tenuous supply line to the south.

It’s all part of the adventure of living up here.

V Wondga wrote:
8:16pm Monday June 11, 2012

Shades of yesteryear !
I lived on the Highway off and on from 1946 to the late 60s….This is very familiar and nostalgic ( strange I know ) for me
.High fives and much appreciation to the Highway Crews !!

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