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Tuesday April 4, 2017


It was the first Coy Cup played in the Yukon capital and the first won by Whitehorse.

The Whitehorse Huskies won their first B.C. AA men’s hockey championship with a 7-4 win over the Kelowna Sparta in the final April 1 at Takhini Arena.

Here is a collection of photos from last week’s championship.

huskies01.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
1 Derek Klassen raises the Coy Cup after the Huskies defeated the Kelowna Sparta 7-4 in the championship game. Klassen was named first star of the game with two goals, while Ted Stephens got the nod as tournament MVP. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
huskies02.jpg (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
2 The Huskies celebrate their first goal of the Coy Cup at Takhini Arena on March 28. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
huskies03.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
3 Fans welcome Huskies onto the ice for their round-robin game against the Terrace River Kings March 31. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
huskies04.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
4 Derek Klassen puts the pressure on Terrace goalie Patrick Leal. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
huskies05.jpg (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
5 Tournament MVP Ted Stephens makes it snow during the semifinal. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
huskies06.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
6 Spectator Gaets Michaud shows his excitement during the final. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
huskies07.jpg (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
7 Huskies defenceman Kaleb Dawe keeps in front of Terrace's Cory Dekelver. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
huskies08.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
8 (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
huskies09.jpg (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
9 The Huskies' bench erupts in cheers after scoring a third-period insurance goal. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
huskies10.jpg (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
10 Forward Adam Henderson gives River Kings forward Josh Murray a little face wash. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
huskies11.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
11 River Kings' forward Josh Murray lets a shot go against the Huskies March 31. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
huskies12.jpg (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
12 Terrace forward Ben Reinbolt slides a pass under the armpit of a Huskies defenceman Jon Rudolph. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
huskies13.jpg (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
13 Whitehorse Huskies forward Ted Stephens falls over teammate Kevin Petovello during his team's round-robin 5-5 tie against Kelowna. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
huskies14.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
14 The Huskies bench celebrates Kane Dawe's first-period goal. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
huskies15.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
15 Whitehorse forward Ted Stephens lays a hit on Sparta's Matt Elia during third-period action April 1. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
huskies16.jpg (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
16 Forward Derek Klassen hits the brakes in the Huskies opener. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
huskies17.jpg (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
17 Huskies defenseman Kaleb Dawe puts a shot on net during the semifinal. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
huskies18.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
18 Whitehorse's Rob Stuckey and Kelowna's Kelly Loudoun trade blows during a second-period fight. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
huskies19.jpg (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
19 Huskies celebrate taking their first lead at the Coy Cup against the North Island Capitals. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
huskies20.jpg (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
20 Whitehorse's Tom Amson takes part in a shoot-to-win contest held by Yukon Yamaha during an intermission on Saturday. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
huskies21.jpg (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
21 Forward Adam Henderson gets a backhand on net during the final. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
huskies22.jpg (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
22 Huskies assistant captain Jared Tuton takes a moment after a whistle during the final. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
huskies23.jpg (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
23 Huskies captain Evan Campbell is pushed over while trying to score on the River Kings on March 29. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
huskies24.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
24 Forward Kaleb Dawe gets some fist bumps after a Huskies third-period goal against Sparta. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
huskies25.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
25 Jamie Binger celebrates a Huskies goal against the River Kings. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
huskies26.jpg (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
26 Huskies forward Rob Stuckey looks over his shoulder to see if the shot gets past Kelowna goalkeeper Tyler Briggs. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
huskies27.jpg (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
27 Defenceman Alex Dzielski tries to hold onto the puck against Terrace March 29. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
huskies28.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
28 Kane Dawe opens the scoring against Kelowna in the final. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
huskies29.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
29 The Huskies celebrate as Simon Nugent puts Whitehorse ahead by two in the final. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
huskies30.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
30 The crowd cheers as Ted Stephens puts the Huskies up 5-2 against Kelowna. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
huskies31.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
31 A spectator takes part in the paper airplane toss contest. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
huskies32.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
32 Huskies forward Adam Henderson watches third-period action. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
huskies33.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
33 Ted Stephens scores an empty-netter to seal the win for the Huskies. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
huskies34.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
34 Kane Dawe, left, and Kevin Petovello celebrate after clinching the title. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
huskies35.jpg (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
35 Huskies head coach Michael Tuton raises the Coy Cup. (Tom Patrick/Yukon News)
huskies36.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
36 The Huskies pose for a team picture after the win. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
huskies37.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
37 Fans reach for the Coy Cup as Kevin Petovello heads back to the dressing room. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
huskies38.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
38 Forward Kane Dawe shows his excitement following the win. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
huskies39.jpg (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)
39 Teammates pour beer into the Coy Cup for Huskies forward Kevin Petovello following the team's win over the Kelowna Sparta April 1. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)

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Pat Stevens wrote:
2:51pm Thursday April 6, 2017

Nice job boys your a great team. The Coy Cup proves that and all Yukon fans are proud of you

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