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Friday April 7, 2017

Joel Krahn/Yukon News


A sled dog basks in the sun at the Muktuk Kennels in the Ibex Valley.

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pj johnson Yukon Poet Laureate wrote:
2:09pm Tuesday April 11, 2017

Thank you for your insightful comments Jimmy Borisenko. To date the public has been mainly aware of whatever was served up by the media. The side of the story that I relate on my website is not the one most folks are even aware of. The public needs to know the truth - that animals are being exploited, suffering abuse, and dying as a result of this ‘industry’. And you are so right - the corporates are heavily involved and also the governments. But that still doesn’t make it right or honourable. I believe that people need to be able to make informed decisions regarding their support and participation in any event or business that involves or threatens the welfare of animals. At present I am regularly being contacted online by a whole lot of folks who agree 100%. Times have changed and the abuse inherent in long-distance sled dog racing and the prolonged chaining of defenseless animals for the sake of a business just won’t wash in today’s society.  And so I continue to speak out. “If just one person stands up and speaks the truth it can never be unheard; if many speak, it cannot be ignored.”  Since the dogs have no voice I will give them mine. Who will join me?

Read more: http://www.yukonpoetlaureate.com/long-distance-sled-dog-racing/

Join me on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/pjjohnsonYukon

JimmyBorisenko wrote:
10:33pm Monday April 10, 2017

I hope everyone will check out the link provided by pj johnson. Eloquently spoken, pj, and I am with you. Canines did not evolve to spend their lives on the end of a 4’ chain. Forcing them to spend their lives in this manner, while they can see, but never fully socialize with their kin, is mental torture. Dogs are fully capable of feeling joy and sadness, pleasure and pain, comfort and stress, just like you and I. I have watched a well known Quest and Iditarod musher feed his/her dogs. It involved pushing a cart with vats of feed and water down the line, stopping to dump a ladle of each into the dog’s bowls, and off to the next. And that was the extent of the socialization for the day. There was not even eye contact made, never mind a pat or embrace or a “Hi how’s it going?” (that, it would seem only happens when the cameras are rolling, and then the dogs are their “buddies”). All creatures need more than that, and large kennels fall short in providing those necessities for their mental well being. They are seen and treated like objects, a means of income. Yes, pj, this will someday be seen as a “stain” on our society, and, although I am greatly encouraged to hear so many more voices rising up in opposition to this barbaric practice of long distance racing, I don’t expect to see it end too soon. There is too much money and spin-offs involved. And so the dogs continue to suffer.
If our species is to survive, it will not only involve finally achieving a sustainable relationship with our environment, but ending the enslavement of animals for profit and entertainment, and treating all creatures with the equity and respect that all deserve. This is one planet. We all came from the same place.

Nile wrote:
2:51pm Monday April 10, 2017

Easy to tell who all the imports are lol

Colby wrote:
12:52pm Monday April 10, 2017

Without sled dogs, trappers wouldn’t have opened up the North and you wouldn’t be here now.

tlc wrote:
9:56am Monday April 10, 2017

The Chaine Slave Dog: symbol of the Yukon. Alan you need a permanent vacation.

Alan wrote:
2:39pm Saturday April 8, 2017

If all you can see in this picture is inhumanity, you need a long vacation.

Evelyn wrote:
9:15am Saturday April 8, 2017

These Animales have lived their entire lives on a 4 foot chain until after they run 1000 miles for an insane race that people only see the beginning and end! Ban the Sponsors! Help the dogs! Over 150 have died so far! #Libertad #SledDogsArentLivestock Have a ❤️ Don’t Support this cruelty! #OpIditQuest

drum wrote:
8:22pm Friday April 7, 2017

I just love my life - spending my whole life on a three foot chain.

pj johnson Yukon Poet Laureate wrote:
8:18pm Friday April 7, 2017

The chaining of animals in a dog yard is inhumane and needs to be banned! The ‘Dog Industry’ is rife with cruelty to the animals. Here’s the real deal ~~> http://www.yukonpoetlaureate.com/long-distance-sled-dog-racing/

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