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Wyatt Tremblay Wednesday November 2, 2016

Wyatt's World - Nov 2, 2016

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NDP just out out promotes wrote:
11:41am Friday November 4, 2016

that they should know they can’t deliver on.
Yukoners don’t be fulled by the NDP embellishment.

NDP say they are make it that wrote:
1:34pm Thursday November 3, 2016

75% of mine jobs go to Yukoners. That would be great but it will not work and second it is against the Federal labor code/act and they can’t change that.
If a person comes in from the western Provinces and has experience, who should get the job?

latest tracking poll has the wrote:
9:35am Thursday November 3, 2016

liberals in free fall with Yukoners.

Sandy has given up wrote:
6:30pm Wednesday November 2, 2016

because of the problems in the party at the last minute.
Sandy is on the road to losing his own seat.

Where the scandal party wrote:
1:48pm Wednesday November 2, 2016

picture. Or is that Sandy giving up and in to the truth, liberals in third place in the polls. Yukoners don’t waste your vote.

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