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Wyatt Tremblay Friday November 4, 2016

Wyatt's World - Nov 4, 2016

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Wow wrote:
3:01pm Wednesday November 9, 2016

Wilf Stop already!  Your embarrassing yourself!  Wyatt might have to do a cartoon of you belly aching and griping to no one who cares….lol

Mike Grieco wrote:
7:17pm Sunday November 6, 2016

Wyatt, once again - you out did yourself. Perfect!

Just so you Yukoners know wrote:
2:57pm Friday November 4, 2016

One of my strengths is critical analysis of projects, developments. planning, research, people statements actions on things in our ever day world.
Yukon College needs to develop programs in the field of critical analysis on what we should or should not to do to make our Yukoner stronger.
The Yukon needs less policy, talk, but actions based on the best advice from our own people.
I can take a part all four parties on their platforms, actions and results.
Yukoners what ever ever takes place we all need to come together and not let anyone divide our interest for the future of our kids.
A great Yukon Chief told me that many years ago.

Wilf Carter

We will see on Monday night wrote:
1:22pm Friday November 4, 2016

Good luck to all the candidates and thanks for running. When you run and put yourself out there and you have people like me that challenges your ever move, it is test of your fortitude, will and strength , does not matter what party you run for.
You do what you believe in and that is all you can ask of yourself.
We are all people living here at this time and as Yukoners we are all one together for each one of use.
Do not think of yourself s as winners or losers, just people that live in the Yukon and want to do what they believe, is the best for all.

Wilf Carter

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