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Wyatt Tremblay Friday November 18, 2016

Wyatt's World - Nov 18, 2016

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KoB wrote:
11:24pm Tuesday November 22, 2016

With a Kingdom of Bureaucrats, what else can we expect?

The Yukon has become a caste society.

Woe to the political party to not have the favour of the bureaucrats, of the haves.

Pity the working class, blue collars, whose livelihood depends on resources, from wood cutting to mineral exploration and extraction.

The haves in YG, FED, City, and FN governments get the riches, the benefits.

The have nots get their benefits from the Fields store, from hand-me downs from Sally Anns, from Walmart. They split wood for heat. They work long, odd, crappy hours, often outside. They have low self esteem, and cannot speak bureaucratese, and therefore cannot thrive in this caste system. 

The haves get their fancy cheese. Their Independent groceries. Their winter vacations to the south. Their warm, 7.5 hour office jobs. Their claim to being Yukoners. Doubtful any have friends from one or more communities. And that hipster Mecca Dawson does not count as a community.

May the Yukon not become a shell of the Yukon, with a warm, pudgy filling of ex-Eastern Canadian bureaucrats.

May the Yukon News be the gadfly that keeps the ox of this kingdom of bureaucrats ploughing straight and true. May it shine light on the nepotism and hypocrisy with how Yukon, municipal and FN governments treat their own have not citizens. May it wade through the SJWs whose main bread and butter is from the teet of government grants, art funds, et al., and who expound the importance of growing government.

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