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Wyatt Tremblay Friday November 25, 2016

Wyatt's World - Nov 25, 2016

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north_of_60 wrote:
5:53pm Tuesday November 29, 2016

OH my, @BnR has caught Trumpophobia too.  It seems to be circulating like a virulent flu through some segments of the population.  Most of us are immune to it, so it only strikes the congenitally insecure who are always susceptible to the current phobia circulating among their Farcebook friends.  Just drink lots of fluids, and remember to wash your hands frequently; some say a low carbon diet helps with the delusions.

BnR wrote:
12:45am Tuesday November 29, 2016

Face your fears.  What exactly are you trying to say by “learn to understand the real world”?
What is your “real world”?  A world where fascists under the guise of the Alternative Right are given voice and legitimacy by a man who worships Mammon over all else?  A world where the president elect of the country that leads the so called free world questions the legitimacy of its own electoral process at all turns?  I could go on, but I suspect it would be pointless given that your reality is at opposites to most sane, rational people.
Whatever you’re smoking, I don’t want any part of it.

gm wrote:
7:59am Saturday November 26, 2016


Face your fears wrote:
3:32pm Friday November 25, 2016

Wyatt is such a shallow Trumpophobe.  Face your fears and learn to understand the real world.

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