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Wyatt Tremblay Wednesday February 1, 2017

Wyatt's World - Feb 1, 2017

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politically incorrect wrote:
4:53pm Thursday February 2, 2017

Facile ‘Virtue signalling’ is alive and well in Yukon. 

These same hypocrites have no problem voicing their hatred towards Trump, or anyone else who doesn’t share their beliefs.  “We will tolerate your beliefs only if you agree with ours.”

Hear, hear wrote:
2:44pm Thursday February 2, 2017

Well said, Mr. Wales.

Josey Wales wrote:
9:31pm Wednesday February 1, 2017

I dunno…seemed purdy quite as the dilution to a 3rd world here in Canada was lobbied.
Importing cultures that have very little interest in ever embracing western freedoms…unless it allows a shield like political correctness to protect the 7th century sycophants.
The very fact no one will read this is in my view ignoring the camel in the room.
Further more sanitizer as that is complicit in our decay here in what is left of Canada.
Papa Pierre would be happy his divisional social engineering worked.

News…. have a set and remember your role you are a conduit not a regurgitator of political mantras.
If I hate anything is is willful ignorance and those whom feed on it, trying to force feed me.

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