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Wyatt Tremblay Friday February 24, 2017

Wyatt's World - Feb 24, 2017

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Jonathan Colby wrote:
9:06am Tuesday February 28, 2017

Not responding positively to your rambling is not the same as being angry, but whatever.

The important thing is, I’m only a “Praise Yukon Party” away from getting Wilf Carter Bingo.

Don’t disappoint me now

Colby, Huh wrote:
6:03pm Monday February 27, 2017

Do you need some angry management work. Your writing shows you can’t handle the true or understand of the subject, like some others, know what. Can Yukoners ask for your experience in the subject of treatment plants.  Or, is it most Yukoners don’t listen to this BS. I fell sorry for people that can’t have a solid discussion on a subject and can agree to disagree.

Jonathan Colby wrote:
5:34pm Monday February 27, 2017

Ah, Wilfers. Still full of yourself, I see. Good, good.

You said it: “Dawson people did not want ponds.”

And there’s the problem. The people decided what was best, and so a workaround had to be found. That started us down this preposterous road. But I propose the following: these people don’t know shit about their shit. Faro has a pond, and it’s a lovely place to walk and see the birds. But no, the NIMBY bogeyman reared its head, and now taxpayers are on the hook for what could be a fatal mistake to the entire project.

Sure, there is plenty of blame to go around, not the least of which is government for proceeding at breakneck speed. But there was a simple problem, with a simple solution, and vocal Dawsonites donked it up. These are the same people who resist a bridge to West Dawson, which **TOPICAL NEWS** is sorely needed, and has been for years.

Forget the past? Really!? You know Wilf, you sure do say the most ridiculous things sometimes.

Liberals supported wrote:
2:48pm Sunday February 26, 2017

Dawson on going a head with this project.  Forget the past and blame game and what do we need to change it for te long term.

been there wrote:
9:51am Sunday February 26, 2017

I’m glad there are some people who remember - huh and Colby are two. A very practical, affordable solution was offered to Dawson City, by YG, that is used by cities all over North America for 50 + years. There was a trip arranged for City and FN politicians to visit a site in Alaska using this solution…  but nope, they had to have some untried, expensive, technical solution for 3 times the price. Now who is going to have to live with it?

Dawsonite wrote:
11:39pm Saturday February 25, 2017

Don’t recall anyone in Dawson suggesting the technology would even come close to working. But of course the Yukon Party and their buddies knew better…......

And it doesn’t really matter to the regulators that it’s better than nothing. Dawson is still in non-compliance and likely to get hit hard.

north_of_60 wrote:
9:21pm Saturday February 25, 2017

This cartoon conveniently ignores facts. 

Let’s remember that the worst day of not meeting design specifications is still hundreds if not thousands of times better than dumping raw sewage in the Yukon River.  Yeah, let that sink in.

Directly or indirectly, most Dawsonites make their living feeding tourists.  Now, after more than a hundred years of dumping it in the river, it’s about time for them to take responsibility for their shít.

Colby wrote:
1:10pm Saturday February 25, 2017

You need to get some facts straight once awhile.  As some who have the development and construction of sewage treatment plants in Canada and the Yukon. Dawson and the Yukon Government were sold a bill of goods and this is not about blaming some one, especially residents.
Dawson people did not want ponds.
Lack of proper technical information on this type of system was the real issue, to determine the best system for the Dawson situation.
Look at Carmack mess, by the contractor in installing, the sewage system. Out side engineering companies, taking advantage of the Yukon. Teslin build a new treatment system and an out side engineering company was over charging, like flying their own plane and other charges.
The Yukon is a small market and has good people. We need to change the local development of skills and firms getting the work.
I gave the premier and minister some ideas on how to improve it.
Look at the errors going on in the City of hitehorse on the new building and bus services. A mess about to take place
Wilf Carter

Jonathan Colby wrote:
10:11am Saturday February 25, 2017

@ huh Agreed.

Dawson citizens, you screwed up, and you screwed up because you chose to be ignorant instead of informed. I guess others will pay for it now.

In the future, infrastructure should proceed with less emphasis on resident input.

You had your chance, no more. Mercy!

huh wrote:
7:46pm Friday February 24, 2017

If anything YG should sue the people of Dawson, they’re the ones that wanted this fancy fudge factory instead of the unsightly yet reasonable and standard settling ponds.

Good move wrote:
2:55pm Friday February 24, 2017

It should have never gone ahead.

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