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Wyatt Tremblay Wednesday March 1, 2017

Wyatt's World - Mar 1, 2017

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When you read this from outsider wrote:
12:21pm Thursday March 2, 2017

point of view, this is a great piece, because, I have sent it to groups of people outside.
No power great, no internet great, get away from it all. Most people who study human behavior are finding out people want to get away from TV, phone, internet, have the real wilderness life.
Wilderness tourism has become a specialty product and is changing it face of customers.
This piece, really goes much deeper than just Welcome to the Yukon and say a lot about our opportunities. Yukon, needs, to have the vision, to see it and develop our tourism in the mind and eyes, of the needs, of our potential clients.
We all know, this met, to poke fun at our situation, but it does, send a message, to certain people, who are looking for this.
The points I am trying to make are the following:
This type of stuff sells.
We need to work together in media, government, business and when we travel for what ever reason to be sales persons and promoters of the Yukon, because it creates wealth for use and crates jobs.
I have tried, for over 30 years, to get Yukoners, to see this great opportunity, and some see it, but get frustrated with the visionary actions, which we need more off and leave.
There 100’s of studies one by the Yukon Government, with some great ideas in them but very flue ever see the light of day.
Yukoners, tell use why is that? Wilf Carter

north_of_60 wrote:
5:43pm Wednesday March 1, 2017

If @CRIIS hasn’t learned how to test the speed of their internet connection, then it appears that they just love to hear themselves complain.

Canada ranking in internet speed wrote:
4:36pm Wednesday March 1, 2017

We don’t even make it into the the top 12 country in the world. Does anyone know what the internet speed is in the Yukon, so we can compare ourselves to the rest of Canada? Good job for the media.

Jonathan Colby wrote:
2:36pm Wednesday March 1, 2017

Replaced 3 electronic controls this week alone that went down during one of the power outages. But I doubt YEC/ATCO will foot the bill for that, so why complain, eh?

Great people, wrote:
2:32pm Wednesday March 1, 2017

lots of fun, great opportunities, passion about believes, future, hard work, place to play, raise a family and some wing nuts. Wilf Carter

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