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Wyatt Tremblay Friday March 3, 2017

Wyatt's World - Mar 3, 2017

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Bull wrote:
2:19pm Wednesday March 8, 2017

That there was no warning, or no public ask for help, indicates poor management, or management by design, that resulted in this closure.

Not only did this corner-stone of Yukon life provide items to those in need, but also added to the collective idea of a Yukon community to those from Whitehorse and the communities, to blue collar workers, students, seniors, and passers-by. To those not plugged into Whitehorse’s petite bourgeoisie.

Can’t help but think of the book “Their Town: The Mafia, the Media and the Party Machine” - “On the surface, power was wielded by the city’s businessman-mayor, a business-oriented city council, and a Liberal Party machine ” Yet behind the scenes, certain individuals conspired to create an environment where certain folks gained, and the powerless were further crushed, marginalized in healthcare and the court system.

That Yukoners were all relatively the same, economically, are days of yesterday. The new economic class system, largely due to YG’s 100, 150, and 200+ thousand dollar/year earners, is here. Hello Patagonia, goodbye old rubber boots and jean jackets. Hi super-organic-free-range-gluten-free portioned cereals, bye no-name bulk bag of puffed wheat and powdered milk. Bye folks at fish camps, trap lines, dog sleds, wood splitting, hi internet, culturural, ethical and environmental facades with materialist insides.

And that’s the metaphorical *ting* on the Yukon’s old community spittoon.

What the Huh? wrote:
3:59pm Friday March 3, 2017

City should supply free rent.  What buildings do you know of that are owned by the City that aren’t doing something productive?  Just because a building is empty and within the City limits, that obviously doesn’t mean the City has any ownership over it.

A multi-organization facility is probably the best bet where a bunch of nonprofits are all able to chip in and maintain a much larger building.  Since there’s a need, perhaps it’s something the City and Yukon Government could invest in for a centralized solution.

City should supply free rent wrote:
2:52pm Friday March 3, 2017

in m any buildings that are not been used for anything productive.

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