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Better late than never? LFN chief calls election meeting

Pierre Chauvin Wednesday January 4, 2017

Mike Thomas/Yukon News


Liard First Nation chief Daniel Morris, seen here in 2003, announced a special meeting to create an election committee.

The Liard First Nation election saga continues.

It is set to have a special community meeting next Feb. 4 to start its election process, two months after the deadline for the regularly scheduled election came and went.

On Tuesday, LFN Chief Daniel Morris announced the special meeting, during which an election committee is to be created to oversee the election.

In a release sent out by a B.C. communications firm, Morris said he was serious about his duty to follow the election regulations.

It made no mention of the fact that Morris has little choice, with Canada’s federal court keeping a close eye on the meeting.

On Dec. 29, Judge Roger Lafreniere ordered that if the special community meeting doesn’t take place on Feb. 4, citizens who are suing Morris and LFN over the missed election can have the matter heard.

Lafreniere also requested that the First Nation provide a report on the special community meeting within two business days.

Morris also didn’t explain why he needed $40,000, a sum he requested from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), to organize the meeting.

In December, INAC granted LFN the $40,000, requesting in turn that the First Nation provide a report of how the meeting went.

The Daylu Dena Council is administering the funds. INAC says that’s because, unlike LFN, the Daylu Dena Council is not under third-party management.

But there have been suspicions in the community that the Canada Revenue Agency seized LFN’s bank account in 2016 over unpaid taxes.

The CRA won’t confirm whether that’s true.

In the release, Morris blames the third-party management for the delay in securing financing for the meeting.

“We have been working with our negotiation team to obtain funding from INAC to hold the special community meeting as set out in our election code, and to seek reprieve from the third-party management that has been imposed on us,” Morris said in the press release.

“Our hands have unfortunately been tied to date as we work on this and other pressing matters related to LFN, but we are very pleased to have reached agreement with INAC on financing and holding the special community meeting.”

It’s not clear why Morris couldn’t get the money directly from the third-party manager or why it couldn’t have been done six months ago.

Back in October, George Morgan, a candidate for chief and Morris’s most vocal opponent, told the News he had been assured by the third-party manager, Ganhada Management Group, that funds earmarked for the election would be given out.

The LFN election saga first started in July 2016 when concerned LFN citizens went public after Morris missed a first deadline to establish the election committee.

In September, 80 citizens gathered and formed their own independent election committee, but INAC, it seems, refused to recognize its legitimacy.

The group turned to the federal court in late October, seeking funds for the election and to have Morris barred from the LFN bank account after his term expired on Dec. 16, 2016.

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Snowflake wrote:
12:47pm Monday January 16, 2017

I see no dictator’s or the ship that comes with it here. I see that we can plan for the future of the Kaska Nation today. I believe moving on today for a better tomorrow is the best health any person can have. Be positive and stay focus, don’t let the past take a toll on your daily living.

Snowman wrote:
3:06pm Sunday January 15, 2017

@Rose, There is nothing like the truth. Whether we live in the past or present there is still reality. When a leader works in isolation and dictates everything there is a problem. The straw that broke the camel’s back for me was not calling an election when it was time to. This is not democracy…......but, dictatorship. This is LFN’s current reality.

Snowflake wrote:
1:09pm Saturday January 14, 2017

@Rose, from what I know LFN is under 3rd party management. Oh yeah! do you know how dementia and Alzheimer’s work? It triggers memories of the past and not of today or the future of ones life. We must move on, take a load off and stop carrying the past on your back. It takes a nation to become a strong nation if we let it happen and start working together.

Rose wrote:
5:58pm Friday January 13, 2017

I just have to ask, if they are under 3rd party management from INAC, why no election? I believe this Chief was the guy who took a woman to a gravel pit and mercilessly beat her? If you’re under 3rd party management, then manage! If you ever tried to call their office, there was no answer. Of course there was no election. I do recall a financial deal with the YP not to long ago. Where did that money go, to a closed office? If INAC wants to step in, then they shouldn’t drop the ball. As far as I am concerned, INAC is as guilty as Daniel Morris, minus the beating of women of course.

Snowflake wrote:
2:32pm Friday January 6, 2017

@And so it goes, Is there anything else? If so explain your version. I am sure everyone knows how to read what was said to the media. I like to here what you have to say in your own words it would be interesting.

And so it goes... wrote:
1:06pm Friday January 6, 2017

The following quote from the story is CODE for the following:

1) We have hired our lawyer again to work on this yet again.

2) We also have another consultant drafting press releases for us.

3) It is not our fault that we have not legally paid money due to the CRA, it is the CRA’s fault for insisting they collect this money.

4} it is not our fault that we are in 3rd. party management, it is INAC’s fault.

5) Everybody else is the problem not us.

’” We have been working with our negotiation team to obtain funding from INAC to hold the special community meeting as set out in our election code, and to seek reprieve from the third-party management that has been imposed on us,” Morris said in the press release. “

Winter Wonderland wrote:
9:54pm Thursday January 5, 2017

Some of these comments are so entertaining! Makes for a good laugh, I think some of us have been inside too long…...could it be cabin fever? Did someone say free coffee and timbits on Bill?
While at Timmy’s we could discuss the upcoming LFN election in more detail. Maybe the MIA Chief could join us.

Vive la Revolucion! wrote:
5:46pm Thursday January 5, 2017

The true test of any democracy is how well their elections are conducted. This is here is a stick in the eye of freedom. There are all sorts of reasons to delay an election, but none of them are ever any good. Action should be taken to deal with it. Giving $40,000 doesn’t deal with it. It only makes the problem worse. And what the heck will the money be spent on? The mind boogles.

The best part: there doesn’t seem to be a photo of Morris more current than 2003. An invisible Chief. Now that’s transparency.

AMAZING!!! wrote:
1:55pm Thursday January 5, 2017

Well put Snowflake. 

Good Luck! Power to the People!

Snowflake wrote:
1:32pm Thursday January 5, 2017

@bill when did your tax dollars paid for meetings? And how much? I am a tax payer too, I get T4 slips every year it does not say I paid into such things like meetings. I don’t mind if you paid for my coffee and timbits though, that would be nice.

Snowflake wrote:
8:44pm Wednesday January 4, 2017

Look at the ones who cries to the media every other day for the election to happen. I am sure they are the crooks. I really hope LFN separates from Lower Post First Nation once this meeting takes place. I believe it’s a CONFLICT that they Lower Post FN have a say in Yukon First Nation elections. its time we SEPARATE. The Federal Government should be looking into that, its only fair for all, I think Lower Post FN should have their own election for their very own Chief & Council on their VERY OWN RESERVE #3 in BC. Good luck to all.

ralpH wrote:
7:10pm Wednesday January 4, 2017

@ snowflake You can’t be serious ?? Guess that is why we are where we are!!!

bill wrote:
6:55pm Wednesday January 4, 2017

lets make no mistake here daniel morris is not the chief of the lfn
his mandate ran out on dec 16th 2016
pierre chauvin of the yukon news should check his facts before this story went to print
how can the federal govt give out 40 thousand dollars to a non elected offical
we tax payers want our money back

Lost in the Yukon wrote:
5:29pm Wednesday January 4, 2017

Is this guy a crook? Has he been drawing a salary all this time?

canon2000 wrote:
5:09pm Wednesday January 4, 2017

good job at getting the 40k to hold a meeting , seems like that is what the members wanted, now lets get on with the election.. i think Daniel will win again ,,,  good luck to all and please get your shit together and work with each other for the future generation no matter who wins.

Thomas Brewer wrote:
4:56pm Wednesday January 4, 2017

Let’s call this what it really is… a $40,000 bribe from the federal government to a corrupt local politician to hold an election that was supposed to happen months ago.

Nice precedent.  Hope it doesn’t catch on.

Snowflake wrote:
4:32pm Wednesday January 4, 2017

Coffee is very expensive here in Watson Lake like everything else, and we don’t have timbits here, that might be ordered from Whitehorse or Fort Nelson. That’s not a joke.

ralpH wrote:
4:24pm Wednesday January 4, 2017

@plywood yes it is a joke what does the 40 grand pay for??? Speaking fee ??

plywood wrote:
3:17pm Wednesday January 4, 2017

$40,000 to hold a meeting? Didn’t realise coffee and timbits were that expensive in Watson Lake. What a joke.

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