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Tuton out at hospital corporation as Liberals move in

Maura Forrest Monday February 13, 2017

Ian Stewart/Yukon News


Craig Tuton's appointment as Chair of the Yukon Hospital Corporation will be revoked March 1.

Craig Tuton is being replaced as chair of the Yukon Hospital Corporation after more than a decade.

Tuton’s appointment will be revoked by the Liberal government on March 1. He was first appointed in 2006 by former Yukon Party premier Dennis Fentie.

Cabinet spokesperson Lana Selbee said the hospital corporation board leadership is “taking a new direction.”

The chair serves at the pleasure of the premier, who has the right to revoke an appointment at any time.

Selbee said Tuton’s replacement has not yet been selected, but a new chair will be ready to take over March 1.

“I know that cabinet will be reviewing that decision over the next short while, and will be communicating when a decision is made,” she said.

Tuton declined to comment when the News reached him by phone Feb. 13. According to his LinkedIn profile, he’s “currently looking for a new opportunity.”

Tuton is a longtime Yukon Party bigwig. He ran Fentie’s 2006 election campaign and former premier Darrell Pasloski’s unsuccessful Conservative campaign against MP Larry Bagnell in the 2008 federal election.

He also threw his support behind Pasloski when he sought and won the Yukon Party leadership in 2011.

Tuton also served as chair of the Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board for seven years, resigning in 2010.

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concerned citizen wrote:
6:32pm Friday February 24, 2017

It’s about time.  Nothing but a big pork pie for the guy pulling the strings in the Yukon Party.  Glad to finally see him gone.

Roosterdaddy wrote:
3:00pm Thursday February 16, 2017

I wonder if YHC board minutes will now reflect who motioned and seconded rather than hiding under the “Board” agreed (aka Tuton said) as has been the past non transparent approach

booger eater wrote:
11:42am Thursday February 16, 2017

@Frenchie yes I remember those days as well. Played against the Kopper King team many times and those were quite embarrassing too bad the smart phone age was not upon us then EHH!!

Frenchie wrote:
7:39pm Wednesday February 15, 2017

  I remember Craig best when he was a coach at the fast ball games and he’d be disputing a call at home plate; kicking dirt acrost plate, being thrown from game by umpire (usually Russ Graham).
Ah, those were the days.

ralpH wrote:
11:09am Wednesday February 15, 2017

Absolutely way too long at the trough. But I did serve one term with him as chair right when The new hospitals were being built and expansion into the Thomson Centre for Palliative care. He was a competent leader and had vision. So when you say he was not competent for the pay grade I would have to argue that was not the case. But agreed way to long at the position.

AMAZING!!! wrote:
10:16am Wednesday February 15, 2017

well said @ it’s about time…..it’s not what you know, sadly it’s who you know up here in the North.

It's about time wrote:
2:16am Wednesday February 15, 2017

It’s about time; should have happened long ago.  One of the best examples of the Peter Principle ever.  It’s amazing that someone could have risen so far above their level of incompetence just on political patronage.

Finally wrote:
11:36am Tuesday February 14, 2017

OUT with the Old and in with the NEW!!!!  tearing down the YP regime is proving to be harder than thought….but we will get there…..come on Sandy please don’t let us down, PS I did not vote for Sandy!

Thomas Brewer wrote:
11:02pm Monday February 13, 2017

Hopefully this is the first of many changes at WHC.  It has become so bloated with middle management and policy wonks, to the detriment of front line staff and patients.

One only needs to look to Dr. Dave Storey’s recent letter to the editor for confirmation.

Nile wrote:
5:35pm Monday February 13, 2017

One of the few things the Liberals have done that I can agree with. Now will they replace him with Tamara as a reward for not turning on them when they left her to hang after they scaled the election?

At long last wrote:
5:01pm Monday February 13, 2017

Finally….loooooong overdue.

booger eater wrote:
4:10pm Monday February 13, 2017

Enough time at the trough I think. Built large and unsustainable infrastructure that we will be paying the debt on for generations.

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