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YG staff relocated from quake-damaged building

Lori Garrison Monday May 15, 2017

Mike Thomas/Yukon News


Employees from the Lynn Building have been relocated to other offices May 15.

Approximately 70 Yukon government employees were relocated to other offices from the damaged Lynn building May 15.

The building sustained structural damage, including a visible crack in one wall, during the May 2 earthquakes.

“We are just being very cautious with our staff,” said Aisha Montgomery, communications director for the Department of Community Services.

All displaced employees have new places to work, she said.

The government was renting the building to house community development and services workers. These services included the property assessment and taxation department, which has been moved to the main administration building.

“That’s the main one,” Montgomery said with a laugh. “People need to be able to pay their taxes.”

Other services, including the rural electrification program and the domestic water well program, have been moved to offices at 307 Black Street.

The relocations are scheduled to end July 2, Montgomery said, but it is unknown when or if the employees will return to the Lynn building.

“We don’t have anything in terms of time at this point,” she said.

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JimmyWit wrote:
8:28pm Tuesday May 16, 2017

Did anybody even notice they were not there since the quake ?

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