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Yukon Party gets new representative on election boundaries commission

Ashley Joannou Friday June 9, 2017

The Yukon Party has a new representative on the territory’s electoral district boundaries commission.

After every second election the Yukon government is required to create a commission to review and possibly change the territory’s ridings.

Each political party gets one representative who is not allowed to be a government employee.

Former Yukon Party minister Currie Dixon resigned from the commission last month. He has accepted a job with the Department of Economic Development.

The Yukon Party will now be represented by Jonas Smith. Smith was chief of staff under former premier Darrel Pasloski.

The NDP is being represented by Anne Tayler, a former candidate in the territorial election. The Liberals chose longtime political operative Darren Parsons.

The commission is chaired by Yukon Supreme Court Justice Ron Veale and also includes chief electoral officer Lori McKee.

It is expected to come out with a report early next year.

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